For all those erstwhile changers and current members who check this web site more often than they come to rehearsal, we’re having a party at Brad’s place (~ 8pm) to welcome back Yungjin Oh from Boston. The evening will include unrestrained imbibing and the possibility of spontaneous harmonization…you’ve been warned. 


We were thrilled to be invited back to sing in Central Park for Halloween. Fight Club, feeling particularly mischievous, had to be physically restained from papering the Bethesda fountain. We entertained delighted crowds all over the Park and Joe, power bass and uber-salesperson, sold innumerable CDs. Ka-Ching! 


Goodbye to Greg Yu (T1), who ís headed out to Hong Kong; there he plans to join Changer alum Chris Lee (Bari) at which point they will recruit 2 others (T2/Bass) to form T&C/Asia. World domination will be ours! Oh, and best wishes, Greg. 

New Members!

Welcome to the newest Changers – Tom Blanchard, Josh Ruzansky and Nadav Tanners. Each passed a rigorous audition process involving calisthenics, saltine-gobbling, and a buzz-in round in the category “Euphemistic State Capitol Names.”